GREASE MAX ® is a chemically operated automatic lubricator. It is designed to be screwed into the bearing grease nipple seating, or onto an extension line, and to feed lubricant at a CONSTANT RATE for a SET PERIOD of time.

GREASE MAX ® is designed to operate for a set period of time. There are 4 operating periods; 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. After the service time has elapsed, the unit is replaced with a new unit.

Because it is self regulating it should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance scheduling. Therefore changeovers of the GREASE MAX ® can be planned and carried out at set periods.

GREASE MAX ® operation is simple and trouble free. Quite frequently its capabilities are not at first appreciated because of it’s simplicity.

GREASE MAX ® can be used anywhere; on most applications, both large and small, even underwater.

Importantly, GREASE MAX ® has no electrical or mechanical components and has only one moving part, which is the piston. For this reason GREASE MAX ® is extremely reliable.

The advantages of GREASE MAX ®

  • Direct cost savings over manual greasing.
  • Direct cost savings by reducing the necessity to stop machinery and production for lubrication.
  • Indirect cost saving with reduced maintenance and down time from bearing failures caused by incorrect or missed lubrication.
  • Lubrication occurs when the plant is in operation, when it is of the most benefit.
  • Constant replenishment of new grease, which minimises bearing wear.
  • The bearing is sealed while GREASE MAX ® is in use.
  • Dust and moisture are prevented from entering the bearing.
  • The lubrication is fully automated and changeovers can be programmed into the plant maintenance schedule.
  • Lubrication is cleaner and environmentally responsible; there is no excess lubricant affecting either plant cleanliness or the environment.
  • Safety is improved as operators are not required to lubricate hazardous areas so frequently.
  • GREASE MAX ® ensures that as a warm or hot bearing cools, the slight vacuum normally created does not draw in foreign material.
  • A continuous supply of fresh lubricant flushes out any foreign matter, moisture or harmful chemical substances which may otherwise accumulate in the bearing if it is unused for some time.
  • A constant grease supply ensures that seals are lubricated and more effective in preventing contamination. This is particularly the case with labyrinth seals.
  • GREASE MAX ® has no electrical or mechanical components (which can contribute to unreliability).
  • GREASE MAX ® has a steel body ensuring that it efficiently handles high output pressures and heat with total reliability.
  • GREASE MAX ® has the highest output pressure of any product of this type.

How Grease Max ® Works

GREASE MAX ® is activated by screwing in the colour coded plastic starter cap. The colour coding of this cap should match the colour coding of the plastic activating screw in the base of GREASE MAX ® , (into which this cap is screwed).

When the starter cap is screwed in, a controlling element located internally in GREASE MAX ® is forced into a reagent, contained in a neoprene expansion diaphragm. When this occurs a galvanic reaction commences, and gas is produced. The gas expands the diaphragm and as it does so a steel piston (located between the diaphragm and the lubricant) is pushed down and the lubricant is forced out

GREASE MAX ® requires a minimum of approximately 8 hours for a type 1 unit to approximately 40 hours for a type 12 unit to develop sufficient internal pressure to commence discharging lubricant. This period is normally not a problem for well maintained bearings however if lubrication is required in less than the start up period then activate GREASE MAX ® in advance.

GREASE MAX ® has NO INTERNAL PRESSURE prior to activation. Pressure is developed, and the lubricant discharge pressure is virtually in equilibrium with bearing or grease line resistance.

The chemical reaction is so designed as to give a CONSTANT rate of reaction, over the whole life of the unit. This results in a CONSTANT lubricant output. The GREASE MAX ® discharge rate is not affected by bearing or seal condition, movement, vibration, etc.

It is often assumed that GREASE MAX ® has some sort of pre-loaded internal pressure. This is NOT the case. If it were, GREASE MAX ® could not operate as a truly self regulating automatic lubricator as it would then rely on bearing and line resistance to control its operation.

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Discharge time and replacement of GREASE MAX®

GREASE MAX® can be used in a wide variety of applications, which may all have different lubrication requirements. That’s why GREASE MAX® is available in 4 different versions, easily identified by the colour coded activating caps.

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